I'm Candice Smith, a Thinking Partner and Facilitator who creates environments in which human beings can think, act and engage afresh.

I thrive on creating new stories for the future of work and our planet with courageous individuals, groups and organisations.


During this time of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) , the one unassailable access that people have is how they treat themselves and each other.

This work is about encouraging a way of being that says to people “You matter; your thinking makes a difference; and if you knew that, what would you do now?” The invitation is to individuals and leaders in business, civil society, government and education to:

Cultivate a leadership practice


Ensure inclusion, and revolutionise your strategic and innovation conversations and outcomes with an easily replicable, facilitative practice.





Einstein famously said We cant solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.  Bring collaboration to life, navigating complex challenges with a renewed quality of thinking and engagement in your partnerships or organisation.

Create a diverse & inclusive culture

Shift diversity and inclusion from concepts to lived reality, through accessible practices with an immediate impact.


Thinking Environment Course Pathways


The Thinking Environment offers leaders, teams and individuals a powerful way of transforming their interactions. It leads to better communication, better problem-solving, greater collaboration – which all deliver better performance.


If you want to clarify and resolve issues, set goals and replenish time, energy and ease, we can help. The Thinking Environment is a powerful tool for making a difference in your work, in your community, in your life, in your relationships.


Become a Time To Think Coach, Facilitator or Consultant, working with individuals inside or outside organisations.

The Thinking Environment is a process that generates the best independent thinking.

The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. And the quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking. After years of research and observation Nancy Kline, founder of the Thinking Environment methodology and President of Time To Think Inc, together with her associates at Time to Think Inc, recognised that people generate their best thinking if the people around them behave in ten specific ways.

People generate their best thinking if the people around them behave in ten specific ways.


Each component is valuable individually; but it is the system of all Ten  Components working simultaneously that gives this process its  transformative impact. These behaviours are called the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment®. 

The Ten Components of a Thinking Environment®


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