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Thinking Partnership Course: Melbourne 2019

A three-day programme which provides the knowledge and skills to become a Thinking Partner

What is a Thinking Partner?

A Thinking Partner is someone who, through the quality of the attention they offer, helps to catalyse another’s thinking. This attention is generative in nature, and enables the Thinker to access their most creative, bold, independent and courageous thinking.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders who recognise that their primary objective is to facilitate leadership in those around them, and who wish to build Thinking Partnerships and the Thinking Environment approach into their lives and organisations

  • Anyone whose job requires them to listen and get the best out of others, including parents, teachers, medical practitioners, coaches, and counsellors

  • Anyone who is needing time to think about issues which matter profoundly to them

What you will learn

The Thinking Partnership Session is a step-by step-process for liberating the human mind to think for itself with unprecedented clarity, originality and rigour. It produces breakthrough independent thinking. This highly participatory course teaches this process in depth. You will participate both as Thinker - considering topics of your choice - and as Thinking Partner practising this elegant expertise. Along the way you will explore all Ten Components of a Thinking Environment.

The Thinking Environment’s contribution to the work of Coaching

The Thinking Environment is one of the finest ways in which coaches can hone their ability to provide generative attention: attention which catalyses the thinker’s thinking.
Given the commitment and promise of coaching to provide a place in which clients can access their own best solutions to the issues they bring to their coaching sessions, coaches who train themselves to be Thinking Partners can reliably manage the perennial pitfalls of transference and unconscious infantilisation that so often trip up the best-intentioned helping professionals.
The Thinking Partnership Programme therefore forms the basis of the Coaching Course and is a pre-requisite for becoming an accredited Time To Think Coach.

Led by: Candice Smith

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